Common Cruise Misconceptions

Cruising the open seas is known as perhaps the pinnacle of luxurious vacationing the world over. Visiting some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic locations and offering travelers the times of their lives while they get there, the benefits of cruising are clear. Yet you may be hesitant to make such a firm commitment to those precious few vacation days. If you’ve always dreamed of a cruise but still have some misgivings about booking a trip, consider the following common misconceptions and their origins.

Foul Weather and Rerouting

One misconception about cruises, and the Caribbean variety in particular, concerns the prospect of running into foul weather along the way. While this fear does have some basis in reality, cruise lines are well suited to dealing with certain meteorological pitfalls of sailing the Caribbean. The origins of these concerns are in hurricanes and tropical storms, which normally receive excellent coverage from national news sources.

While the Americas’ tropical regions are plagued from time to time by violent storms, they tend strike during a particular time period known as hurricane season. This season, although variable from year to year generally lasts from late summer, the dog days of August, to the end of autumn. Large storms outside this timeframe are rare and usually not stable enough to cause significant damage.

Of course, cruises still embark during this period. In fact, booking fees tend to drop exponentially due in part because of it. Cruise ships and their crews, however, are perhaps the most experienced authorities when it comes to avoiding trouble on the water. When a major storm threatens a ship’s itinerary, your cruise will most likely reroute to give passengers the best possible experience without putting them in danger. When a storm’s bearing or current location make disembarking impossible, a particular trip may be delayed for a day or two or even rescheduled entirely�”however, this is very rare.

If running into a storm is a major concern, book your cruise well outside the hurricane season�”winter, spring or early summer�”to ensure your trip will go off without a hitch. However, travelers who are flexible with their itineraries may reap the benefits of sharply discounted rates and never run into trouble at all.

Extravagant Costs and Extras

At one time, cruises were synonymous with an extravagant lifestyle, the pastimes of the rich and famous. Today, such a sentiment is an anachronism at best, as cruises of all types are available at rates to fit any budget. Although it’s certainly possible to spend an arm and a leg’s worth of cash on a cruise, there are several ways to save money without compensating all the adventure and fun of the trip.

Without ever increasing fleet sizes, finding deals on rates becomes easier with each passing year. A bit of diligent internet surfing can yield great rates on even high end trips. Other great ways to save money include traveling off season, as mentioned above. While the Caribbean’s off season is determined by storm activity, all cruises have periods of lower interest when prices drop dramatically. For instance, Alaskan cruises are much cheaper in the early spring and autumn. Just a bit of research, often available from cruise lines themselves, can reveal the cheapest times to travel to the destination of your choice.
Another great way to save money on a cruise is choosing your cabin wisely. The accommodation fee is the main price you’ll pay cover both your lodgings and basic amenities, most often including meals. Extras, of course, will cost you extra. The cheapest rooms will invariably be located well below deck in the center of the ship, meaning windows and space will be lacking. More upscale and thus expensive rooms are located on the sides of the boat and can offer large windows and even balconies.

Family Friendliness

Another common misconception about cruises is that they are tailored to couples and older travelers and don’t appeal to families. Although romantic honeymoon cruises are certainly available, the notion that family friendly options are lacking is simply wrong. The family cruising niche has been filled by possibly more ships than handle romantic getaways. In fact, even ships that aren’t geared specifically toward families offer great programs to occupy the kids while the adults relax as well as fun events for the whole family to take part in.

Cruising has gained its reputation as one of the most satisfying vacation opportunities available for good reason. With something to offer every type of traveler, visiting foreign ports and exotic locales by cruise ship has never been a simpler prospect. With a bit of careful research on the web as well as knowing just what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect cruise trip to match any budget or time frame. Indulge you and your family and book the cruise vacation of a lifetime now.

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