Come Visit Spain, One Of The World’s Most Exotic Locations!

Spain is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Europe and this is not only because of its geographical positioning. Most of the people coming to visit Spain spend their summer vacations on the golden sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, while spring is more suitable for visiting the country’s historical monuments and admiring nature’s beauty within the interior regions. In the autumn you will be beckoned by the romantic haze of the Andalusia and its deep historical roots. You do not have to worry about the season you choose to visit because Spain looks blossoming and beautiful all the 365 days of the year!

Famous Native Attractions

It is also one of the rarest places in Europe that offers an immense variety of possibilities on spending your ideal vacation in just one place. You can try our famous catalan wines carefully brewed by our native vine growers, take a romantic walk along the never ending sandy shores and at the end of the day, you can experience the fiery side of Spain’s night life.

If you are curious about sight seeing, you should know that there are a lot of places just waiting for your visit.

Places to See

Murallas de Ibiza or The Surrounding walls of Ibiza are the walls which used to surround Ibiza and they are the only ones of their kind, thus being unique in the world. They are included on the list of protected historical sites. The walls contain a total amount of eight bastions and several main gates, the most important of them all being Porta del Mar, which contains the chevron of King Philip the second. Murallas de Ibiza offers a splendid view of the city and its port and also of the neighboring island of Formentera.

If you prefer visiting more rural places, then Santa Eularia is for you! This is the old district of Ibiza called Santa Eularia d’es Riu and it has numerous surprises for its visitors: a XVI century old church with a superb enclosed garden that is situated right next to the ethnological museum, residing in an old traditional house. The photographs there show you just how much Spain has changed over the last 50 years.

Spain is a place of ancient beauty so you can visit a lot of old places which have a deep historical meaning to them. The Castle of Sohail is one of them. It is a moor castle located near the beach and standing 38 meters above sea level. It dates back to the XII century and it was built by the Almoravides, containing 8 walls and 8 towers.


If you are looking for a place to stay, there is no better choice than a true authentic villa. It can offer you that unique taste of what Spain is all about making you understand why Spain is such a sought after tourist attraction!

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