Bermuda And Bahamas Cruise Vacations

The beautiful, exotic islands of the Caribbean have long been a favorite cruise destination. Visitors literally have hundreds of ports of call to choose from, each offering their own unique tropical appeal. With their expansive natural beauty, it is no surprise that the Bahamas and Bermuda are considered top cruise destinations around the world. Grab your sunscreen and your shades and get ready to dive into two of the most alluring tropical locations on the planet.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas make up a group of islands just south of Miami. This lush, tropical locale draws visitors from around the world with its beautiful climate and year-round sunshine. In addition to the near perfect weather, the Bahamas offer distinctive and unique ports of call that appeal to almost every type of traveller. And no matter which island you visit, you are sure to find some of the best diving sites in the world.

When visiting the Bahamas, it is important to remember that with tropical weather, comes heavy rain and thunderstorms at certain times of the year. While these storms typically last for under an hour, most visitors are advised against booking their trip during the rainy season.

The Bahamas offer rich international culture that is accessible and welcoming to English speakers. The atmosphere, though exotic, is familiar and comfortable. Many visitors flock to the Grand Bahamas Island port of call, which offers tourists fabulous shopping in Newport and opulent resorts and casinos in Nassau.

One only needs to take an aerial view of the Bahamas to get a picture of palm fringed beaches and crystal clear azure waters that make these islands an ideal tropical escape.


Bermuda makes up an archipelago of about 150 islands. The year round climate is consistently tropical and mild, and the gently lapping waves and sandy pink shores make this destination ideal for romantic getaways.

Bermuda appeals to those who are looking for idyllic sandy beaches and quaint seaside cottages. Land vacations are notoriously expensive in this part of the world, which makes cruising a perfect alternative.

Anchoring at St. George allows day visitors a chance to enjoy a round of golf, or an opportunity to view the breathtakingly beautiful sea life in a glass bottomed boat. For the more adventurous, scuba diving excursions can be arranged. And for travellers looking for ultimate relaxation, a long laze on one of Bermuda’s stunning, sun drenched beaches makes an ideal vacation memory.

Caribbean Cruise Ships

It is usual for cruises to depart from the United States. Along the way, ships often dock at ports along the eastern seaboard including New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Some of the most convenient ports of calls for Caribbean cruises are Hamilton, St. George and the Dockyard.

Caribbean cruises are a perfect choice for those who want to spend time with their friends or loved ones. While on board, you will have plenty of opportunities to connect with your travel mates, like midnight deck parties, or for the romantically inclined, candlelight dinners under the stars. Onboard entertainment appeals to travellers of all ages.

Onboard Cruise Ship Amenities

Not all cruises include island ports of call. If you do opt for a cruise that lands at port, you’ll have a variety of activities and excursions to choose from. Wind surfing or jet skiing, scuba diving and shopping or simply lying on pristine beaches are among some of the exciting options. But for many, being treated to spectacular calm ocean views, poolside relaxation and plentiful onboard activities is enough for an ideal vacation

Many Caribbean cruise ships have onboard beauty salons and spas to indulge and rejuvenate guests. For those who want to get their heart rates up, lots of cruises offer fun, on ship sporting activities, like golf lessons or aerobic classes.

The luxurious cabin accommodations onboard most Caribbean cruise lines make guests feel pampered and relaxed. Cruise travellers will also enjoy decadent meals in picturesque dining rooms.

While some cruises are casual and relaxed, others offer travellers the opportunity to dress up for upscale dinners and entertainment events. There may also be formal evenings when travellers are required to wear gowns and tuxedos.

There are countless Caribbean cruise lines to choose from. Many offer privacy for couples, while others offer special packages tailored to families or groups travelling together. The great thing about family orientated cruise vacations is that children will be treated to almost endless fun activities, allowing parents much needed adult time. With the kids busy at play, mom and dad can enjoy a romantic walk on the deck, or a romantic, quiet dinner.

Whether you are a romantic couple, a family or fun loving group, there’s a Bermuda and Bahamas cruise vacation that’s perfect for you.

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