Holiday Travel Made Easy

Looks like that time a year again: time to make travel plans for the holidays. Are we going to my in-laws house? Are we going to my family’s house? or are we again going to try and do both? Planning holiday travel can be a real pain and not to mention expensive. As with every year, I start my trek to find the cheapest tickets. I start off with the normal Google search for �cheap flights�. Thankfully Google only comes back with a mere 30 million results! How on earth anyone could view all those, I have no idea. You would figure after say 1 million, you would probably be able to find something or at least give up. In any event, after scanning the usual suspects, also known as all the big travel players, I came across something new in the search results. About the 8th result down, I came across a relatively under the radar travel website known as I never heard of this site before, so I figured I might as well see what they have to offer and boy was I ever happy I did.

At first, it looked like every other travel site out there where you plug in your destination, dates, and hit search. Well this part was all the same, however had a very useful feature called �check other websites�. So upon searching, not only loaded their own results, but also provided me an option to search top travel sites and compare. I was surprised by this since I wondered why any travel site would want me to price the competition? My data was already there and all I had to do was click on the various airline or website logos to run the search and display results directly from those sites. After searching a few travel sites, I had my answer of why they do it. had the best airfare prices by far. No wonder they don’t mind pricing the competition and in the meantime probably also get paid for advertising. This handy tool saved me countless hours and searches over the internet. This whole process took a matter of minutes and eliminated the need to bounce around the web scouring travel websites for the best deals. I now had the best rate for our holiday trip and at the lowest cost. I punched in my data, completed the booking, and we are good to go. I even received an e-mail later that day telling me that I forgot to enter my frequent flyer number.

So to make a long story short, I booked our tickets to Los Angeles� looks like we are going to the in-laws again this year. Thanks for making travel arrangements easy and at the best rate. At least booking the airfare will be the least painful thing about this trip! Honey I apologize in advance if you’re reading this. You know I love your mother and the pink scarf she always buys me. Maybe next year we can stay home for the holidays? Wish full thinking.

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