Best Day Of The Week To Book A Flight

Everyday people pack their bags and get ready to travel to a different destination. It is like having breakfast in one country and dinner in another. Many travel plans are budgeted and are not possible if the airfare is too high. Booking Air ticket is a concern for all the customers because most airline ticket prices fluctuates from time to time.You would have heard the phrase �The early bird catches the worm� so booking flights with Flywidus will ease you on this matter as here booking on the specific day of the week will help you save good money on airfare.

The main motto of Flywidus is to relieve their customer from tension and the below given tips will surely help you to pick the best day of the week to book a flight.

Tuesday or Wednesday Special
Log on our website shortly after 12am on Tuesday or Wednesday because this is a time when airlines release new low cost fares. Tuesday being the week day there are less of travelers leading to get a good deal. Airlines usually increase the price compare its prices with other airlines. If the prices are not matched the fare is again lowered on Monday, and it continues till Wednesday, so it is the best time grab the opportunity on Tuesday midnight or Wednesday.

Thursday Special
Maximum people travel on a weekend, be it the for office work or for pleasure. If you are planning for a weekend then book your ticket on Thursday night as Flywidus release its weekend specials on Thursday evening.

Early in the Week
Most airline instigate sales on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, therefore booking tickets early in the week with Flywidusgives customers a chance to find cheap deals.

Sign up for free alerts
Flywidus send alerts to you about the best deals. All you have to do is register for free alerts on e-mail by registering on our website with your email id and number and you will be updated you with all new offers and discounts.

Best Time to Buy
It is also beneficial to book on specific times which are off-peak like late night around 11 or 12 pm and early morning around 3 or 4 pm. This will help to grab some lower airfare deals. At about midnight, most airlines usually reload their computers with the latest low-cost fares.

Book weeks in Advance
If you are planning a holiday to an exotic place during peak season do book your tickets well in advance because there are chances you won’t get tickets if it gets too late, or you may end up paying a huge amount. Most airfare goes up in the last 2 weeks of flying, so it is advisable to book it’s at least 6 weeks in advance.
So plan you trip with Flywidus and enjoy your travel.

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