Rural Holidays In Majorca

Majorca has become a popular destination for holiday-makers since it began its tourism efforts in the 1960s. The warm temperatures, clear waters and sunny beaches have attracted nearly nine million visitors per year, most of which are from the United Kingdom.

Majorca is not just about traditional relaxing on the beach vacations anymore, though. Rural holidays are on the rise in Majorca. Holiday-makers are eager to get away from the crowded beaches and overpopulated tourist areas on the island.

Rural holidays in Majorca are becoming popular with the British because it’s a nice way to relax without battling overcrowded areas for a good spot on the beach. The British can get cheap flights to Mallorca and the rural environment offers a nice change from the usual ‘fun in the sun’ trips. Holiday makers are able to get a better feel for the heritage and agriculture of the island and how the island natives were once able to be self-sufficient.

Rural Areas in Majorca Offer Unique Settings for Holidays

Majorca’s economic base featured farming, livestock and agriculture before the 1960s. Before it became dependent upon tourism, Majorca prided itself on being able to take care of itself without outside influence. The rising climate has made it hard to farm or raise livestock on the island. Limited water supplies make it difficult to maintain any kind of crop. The sparse amount of agriculture that is still done in Majorca is in an effort to keep up with the demand from tourists, who take traditional package holidays and sometimes a villa holiday in Majorca

Tourists have traditionally visited the outskirts of the island of Majorca where they can take advantage of the beautiful scenery, the beaches and water sports. Majorca has been known for its beach areas and relaxing environment. It is quickly becoming known as a rural destination for holidaymakers, however. Visitors can enjoy staying in self-service rooms or full-service hotels, depending on their budget.

Tourists Venture into Rural Majorca

Many appreciate the beauty of Majorca simply by visiting the traditional beach areas. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the sunny island without battling for a spot on the beach with the sun seekers, then a rural all holiday to Majorca may be just what you’re looking for.

By visiting the interior of the island, tourists will see the island’s true history and be able to sample farm life. Many older farm homes are transformed into bed and breakfast type rooms where families and couples can stay while on holiday.

Agro tourism is a growing concept. Holiday-makers enjoy the countryside and self catering accommodations like villas, cottages, apartments and fincas. Located in charming villages, these living quarters offer character in a picturesque environment that the heavily occupied outskirts of the island can’t.

There are even rural four-star hotels with spas on the interior of the island that are perfect for families on holiday. These areas are family-friendly and they allow people to get back to basics with activities like bird watching, golf and harvesting. Scenic train tours are also available to view these rural areas of Majorca.

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