Things To Do In Sentosa – Part 2

Singapore is one of the greenest cities around the world. This country not only comprises of the finest justice, financial and educational systems but also surprises travelers with amazing tourist attractions. While travelling in Singapore, everyone has to familiarize with the natural, cultural and historical resources because they offer an individual, life changing experiences. Travelers can therefore choose to visit the islands; that revolve around mythical stories or islands that have extensive; military importance and wildlife sanctuaries.
Sentosa is an island that thrives on its greenery, nightlife activities, excellent resorts as well as historical monuments. Reviving itself of being formerly being called Palau Betaking Mati and the cornerstone of Britain’s World War II strategy, Sentosa is now a known to be a quick getaway that consists of The Universal Theme Park, Singapore’s first casino and many other fascinating attractions that will surprise tourists of all ages.

This island is extremely convenient and accessible from most places in Singapore. So, people can travel to Sentosa by car or take the bus from Gateway Avenue; they can even take the metro from the HarbourFront MRT Station. Sentosa is also accessible from various hotels that give you the best hotels deals in Singapore

Here’s a list of a few more places at The Sentosa Island that everybody must visit when they travel to Singapore:

No #1 – Images of Singapore

This fabulous confluence is a museum that comprises of realistic sights, sounds and even has a whiff of Singapore’s history, culture and heritage value. There are various characters, rare artifacts, technology and statues to represent and recreate certain situations and make them come alive. Also, the special effects and animatronics cover four main zones:
Stories of the Sea: An event that showcases a unique Maritime Experience, covering the maritime trade and history in Singapore.

Pioneers of Singapore: Here one can learn about early immigrants who were instrumental in laying the foundation of the newly improved, modern Singapore. These men include Sir Stamford Raffles, Tan Tock Seng, Sir Henry Ridley and others.
Festivals of Singapore: This section is set against the 1550s backdrop where one can experience Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakans festivals. One can travel through various displays of how people celebrate cultural weddings, dances and other festivals in this section.

Images of Singapore’ stretches across the Cable Car Road; it is open between 9 A.M to 9 P.M and is going through constant renovation till it can live up to the name the Singapore Adventure.’ The admission fee at the museum is extremely affordable and this place is easily accessible by car, bus of monorail.

No #2 The Musical Fountain

Sentosa, a few years ago came up with the concept of the musical fountain that is extremely entertaining. There are fountain shows that take place all throughout the day as well as night. Amongst these there is a magical Sentosa show that stands out. Kiki, on the other hand is a monkey and your guide throughout the fountain area who tells you various things about the island and the fountain. These shows are indeed magical and wondrous with creative choreography of colorful lights and lasers that will blow anyone’s mind away. Visitors are in awe of the fiery flames, powerful geysers that play along with sound and smoke effects. So, this 4 million dollar sound, laser and light extravaganza is definitely an unforgettable experience that everyone must have.

The Musical Fountain is accessible all throughout the day but the shows take place between 5 5:30 PM and the magical shows between 7:40 PM and 8:40 PM on a daily basis. However on weekends and public holidays there is an additional show that commences at 9:30 PM. One can get to the musical fountain by car, bus or monorail. It is also one place in Sentosa that is close to some of the best hotels in Singapore.

No #3 Sijori Wondergolf

Have you ever been a fan of golf or watched 80s movies with those miniature golf settings? If you have then Sijori Wondergolf is the best place for you!
Sijori Wondergolf is Singapore’s only outdoor miniature golf park that comprises of three 18 hole courses and a landscape of 54 green spots for gold enthusiasts. Two of these courses have been designed according to international tournament standards.
This golf course spreads across Siloso Road and is open between 9 AM to 9 PM. The whole course takes an hour to travel through and is easily accessible by car, bus and the monorail. The admission fee is also affordable.

No #4 The Merlion & Merlion Walk

This mythical beast is the tourism symbol of Singapore. This 37m structure with a lion’s head and mermaid’s body is right up on a 23m hillock. The Merlion introduces visitors to the mysteries of the sea. Mermaids, lake monsters, sea serpents and movie creatures come to life in a series of musical walk through dioramas. The main theatre showcases Singapore’s own sea mystery The storm threatened Prince Sang Nila Utama in the 13th century while he was on his way to the island. Hence after he named the city Singapura, he decided to make This Merlion statue a representation of Singapore island.

The Merlion Walk stretches itself behind the Merlion figure right up to the Beach Amphitheatre. It is a 120 meter walk that feels like a magical dream. When one walks through this pathway, they will see statues of various sea creatures with sprouting water jets in their colourful mosaic designs. Together with the sound of Carillion Bells tingling in the wind, it’s a hit with both kids and adults.
The Merlion cornice & Merlion Walk admission fee if not too expensive and is also easily accessible by car or bus.

No #5 Nature Walk Dragon Trail

This walk begins near the Cable Car Plaza. The trail meanders along a secondary rainforest giving trekkers a chance to experience Sentosa’s flora and fauna. What’s amazing amongst all this are the carnivorous Pitcher plants and Tembusu trees who can actually take a bite out of you or simply catch a sight of long tailed squirrels, macaques, geckos and over 20 different species of birds including a growing colony off-white cockatoos.
One can find the dragon trail along the Cable Car Plaza and can get here by car, bus or monorail.

No #6 Sky Tower

This eye in the sky’ is Sentosa’s most recent development along with the casino and The Universal studios where one can experience the pleasure of gambling and the pleasure of being on the sets of their favorite films.

The Sky tower has been a forever exciting’ attraction for visitors; providing them with a heightened experience of being on top of the world, literally. Standing up on a hillock at the Sentosa Plaza, this 6 million dollar landmark serves as a focal vantage point. Soaring 110 meters in height, it is Singapore’s tallest public viewing tower.

When visiting the tower, a person first enters a large disc shaped air conditioned cabin with glass windows that begins to revolve. Once it begins revolving slowly, as the cabin ascends up a column; travelers can catch a 360 degree view of Singapore. After reaching 150 meters, they have the privilege of a bird’s eye view’ of Sentosa, Malaysia, neighboring islands, Indonesia as well as Singapore city. The view is fascinating during the day as well as night. The view is always breathtaking.
Finally a checklist for Sentosa! Now everyone can go and experience what the island feels and smells like. Once again, this island proves to be one of the most happening islands for every member in your family. Surely, after visiting these places a person can stroll down the Sentosa Beach that is filled with excellent casinos and world class restaurants.


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