Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Singapore

1) Singapore is a natural – disaster free country, for most of the time: Owing to the geographical conditions, of having Borneo on one side and Malaysia on the other, it is extremely rare for natural disasters to occur in Singapore. However, natural disasters that take place in neighboring countries do spread their tremors to Singapore sometimes. By the time these disasters reach Singapore, they have almost a negligible effect on the country and this is what makes people want to do business, travel for fun and even settle down in Singapore.

2) 63 islands make up a beautiful country called Singapore: Surprisingly true, 63 independent islands make up Singapore. Most of these islands have few inhabitants, who work for military services or other industrial companies.

Famous among these islands are the Pulau Hantu, Kusu Islands, Jurong Island and an island called The Christmas Island that now belongs to Australia. These islands are famous for their age-old myths, shrines, temples, mangroves, seafood dishes, extensive green fields and virgin beaches.

The Pulau Hantu Island is called as the �ghost’ island and it gets this name from a mythical story that speaks of the ghosts of Malay warriors who wander around the island even till today.

The Kusu Island comprises of a Malay temple, a Chinese shrine and a giant tortoise sculpture that has the most beautiful mythical story around their existence.
The Jurong Island; on the other hand, comprises of seven different islands and a bird watching park. It also has world-class petrochemical industries and A 1 military security.
All these islands are perfect for travelers who love exploring new places alone. Besides being great adventure spots, these islands are conveniently accessible from the top hotels in Singapore and a bumboat ride away from the Changi Ferry Terminal.

3) Singaporeans can vote in British Elections

Singapore is a member of the commonwealth, so Singaporean citizens can vote for every election within the United Kingdom. These people can even stand for elections held in the British House of Commons. In other words, it is possible for a citizen to become an MP of The British constituency if he or she wishes.

4) In Singapore, you eat your breakfast with Orangutans!

When the Singapore zoo says that people can get up close and personal, they mean it. The zoo is one of the best attractions in Singapore. The zoo is taking things further; they have introduced a scrumptious program that permits families to dine with a bunch of orangutans. This program, will also give people the opportunity to dine with other animals in the future, but for now enjoy your meal with a monkey or two.

5) Singapore’s Changi airport is the world’s best airport:

The Changi airport is like a dream city. It is a combination of an excellent infrastructure and outstanding amenities. From spas to bars, nature trails to swimming pools, beauty centers to fitness stations and more, Changi Airport has it all.

Entertain yourself here at Changi at the entertainment deck or take a glimpse of developing technology at the Changi aviation gallery. One can take a sheet of paper and paint away or Get a 2D or 4D film experience for free. Changi airport also has indoor playgrounds, jungle gyms, butterfly gardens, Koi ponds, internet terminals, orchard & sunlight gardens, TV lounges and different types of food joints.
Owing to the world-class facilities available at Changi, many 5 star hotels surround the airport but among them The Changi Airport Hotel complements the airport to a large deal.

6) Orchard Road is one of the no. 1 shopping avenues in the world; it comprises of international luxury labels, smaller stores as well as high street brands; who are opening their signature flagships along the orchard belt.

According to mystery shoppers, Orchard road has one of the best shopping atmospheres in the world. However, with 22 shopping malls and 6 department stores, it will take a religious shopper, more than one day to experience Orchard Road.

It is because of these factors that Orchard Road is known as the best shopping district in the world; therefore beating down the competition from Oxford street in London to the renowned Champs Elysees in Paris.

These are the few things that you probably won’t know about Singapore unless you personally visit and experience Singapore. It is the best city in terms of culture, historical background and tradition.


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