Discount New York Hotel Rates

New York is one of the most magnificent cities in the world which is commonly known for its skyscrapers and mostly surrounded by water this empire state has majestic mountains, cities, lakes, pastoral farmlands, vineyards and many more. The city leads in most of the sectors including law, finance, business, trading and media organization throughout the world. The city is a world famous cultural center having arrays of beckoning museums, art galleries and theaters and many significant historical sites. Many cultural movements originated from this city which contributed highly in the field of music, art and literature like Harlem Renaissance in literature and art, abstract expression in painting and hip hop in music. The city grew with the time and during the late nineties it looked more cleanly, safer and livable.

The most attractive feature of New York City is its skyscrapers. Mostly surrounded by water this city could only grow in vertical direction. It’s a densely populated city wherein the huge building seems touching the sky. We find buildings of old and new architecture the city has more than 2,000 arts and cultural organizations and more than 500 art galleries of all sizes. The city is a hub of performing arts venues like New York City Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, and the New York City Opera. Summer stage is a place where many events and concerts take place. It shows performances of free plays, 1,200 free concerts and music in central park. The performances of dance and theater events take place across all five boroughs during summers.

Tourism is a flourishing industry in the city of New York. Millions of foreigners and American tourists come to this place every year. There are lot many things to see and view. Some major tourist’s attraction includes the world famous Empire State Building. Major shopping destination such as Jackson Heights, Flushing and Brighton Bridge make the tourists fight their temptations, scores of museums such as Rockefeller Center, Metropolitan Museum of art. Also famous are the TIMES SQUARE, the Bronx Zoo, Washington Square Park, Central Park and the New York Botanical Garden. Even there are events such as Tribeca Film Festival and the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village. New York City as well has acres of parklands and public beaches. New York’s food culture is influenced largely by the food lovers and city’s immigrant, the city became famous for bagels, and New York style pizza and cheese cake due to Italian and Jewish immigrants. Some 4,000 mobile food vendors are licensed mostly owned by the immigrants. The food from Middle East is the hot favorite with mouth watering dishes like Kebabs and falafels the restaurants in the city offer many hot cuisine.

Above all, the New York City has many hotels to serve its tourists. The hotels range into many budgets to suit many. So if you are planning a visit to New York on a tight budget, worry no more as the city has plenty of discount hotels to provide you with the best accommodation. As you plan your trip ensure that you make prior reservations to avoid last minute hassles.

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