Sailing, Surfing And Skiing: The Best Vacations For Water Sports Lovers!

How do you define a perfect vacation? For many it just means great climate, a nearby ocean shore and sandy beaches. We all need vacations so that our life does not become monotonous. There are a number of hot spots for those who love water sports like sailing, surfing and skiing. Some of them are listed below:

St. Lucia is a tropical island paradise. It is 27 miles in length and 14 miles in width. It is actually a great place for sailors. It is just like a sailors paradise. There are so many exciting adventures and anchorages along the western coastline. The explorers can indulge in various activities. You can sail till Rodney Bay (along the west coast) and have fun on the beach in Pigeon Island National park. Here, you can enjoy great dinner and cocktail as there are excellent restaurants at night to dine in.

You can next visit the Volcano by sailing to Soufriere. You can also visit the Botanical Gardens, the Mineral Baths and Diamond Falls. You can then visit Ansa Cochon which is a perfect beach for snorkeling. You can also visit the romantic and famous Pitons. Enjoy the natural beauty of St. Lucia. You can visit the Jalousie Plantation Resorts beach in the afternoon or keep on snorkeling.

You must get back to Marigot before it turns dark. You can have an excellent Caribbean view. There are some great restaurants and you can dine as per your choice.

You can find surfers at some reachable shore in the Caribbean. Water sports freaks around the world rush to Barbados because of the Soup Bowl which is at Bathsheba. Even the champions/winners of water sports have been here and loved the friendly atmosphere, warm water and the uncrowded waves. Bathsheba is known for big thundering barrels and fast walls.

Surfers from round the world have loved to surf at the Soup Bowl in Bathsheba. This place is full with tourists in the month of November. The waves are perfect during this time of the year and the International Surfing Championship also takes place in November. Surfers just love the friendly atmosphere here and they rent bay houses and enjoy their stay.

St. Vincent has Shipping Bay and Lagoon Bay where there are good waves towards the windward side. A good surfing place can also be found at Trinidad on the east coast. The surfers enjoy surfing through out the day in the Caribbean.

If you wish to go skiing, visit the Water skiing at Ski Paradise. It is situated in Acapulco in Mexico. It has been actually rated by the Water Ski Magazine as the best ski site in the world. You can have a fabulous time here. It is good for everyone whether you are a beginner or a pro. It is the best place for water ski and other sport activities. You can find comfortable and nice accommodations here. What more, you may actually get instructions from some well know celebrities. Other than skiing, you can also enjoy sport fishing, tennis and golf here.

Acapulco has a great climate and an amazing night life. This city of a million people has some awesome beaches too. You will have the time of your life here with great skiing, amazing climate, food and people. You can also visit the Fuerte de San Diego which was built in 1616. It is a Spanish fort. In case you love adventure, hire a taxi and drive through the zigzag streets of the old town. You will see the ancient sites here.

Other than these top spots for surfing and skiing there are several other places too for water sports enthusiasts. Such vacations can be found anywhere on the West or the East coast. Such vacations are affordable and very enjoyable!

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